Supply Chain Regulation

We offer recognized end-to-end solutions for supply chain compliance and regulation to counter illicit trade.

Fighting illicit trade through supply chain technology.

Citizen protection & public health

Citizens demand higher transparency
and protection across industries.

Optimising Tax Revenue

Controls to ensure state budget protection.

Fair market conditions

Controlling illicit trade and counterfeits help for improved investment profiles.

Improved Reputation

Protects against IP violations & reduces terrorism activities collected with illicit trade.

Key Considerations 

for Authorities

Putting in place regulation across supply-chain requires trusted, scalable, non-intrusive solutions that work for now and for the future.

What is the right technology?

Multi-product solutions that are scalable with open and cost-effective technology, yet secure.

How do we ensure a future-proof approach? 

A partner with a proven experience, offering end-to-end services, with access to cutting-edge technologies for the future.  

What are the benefits for the authorities?

We offer trusted solutions which give governments visibility and control across the supply-chain. This allows citizen protection and public health, optimized tax collection, fair market conditions and improved reputation, with full compliance to international standards.

Will the solution create economic disruption? 

Requires a non-intrusive solution for the industry to minimize the impact for economic operators.

How can authorities leverage existing traceability regulation? 

Requires a solution that is fully compliant solution with WHO’s FCTC and interoperable with existing regulation. 

Is it a proven solution?

Yes, it leverages from an already proven and existing concession with the EU Commission (28 EU Member States) for the EU TPD.

Regulating the Supply Chain & Protecting Citizens

We understand both the industry & government needs, and work towards supply chain transformation with an independent and non-intrusive approach. Explore our proven solutions.


The only provider offering end-to-end expertise: serialization, aggregation, production control, track-and-trace, product authentication, inspection management, and business intelligence.

Supply chain control

We give the government full visibility and control across the supply chain. This allows governments to fight illicit trade and protect citizens across the full system.

Non-intrusive approach

We offer an approach with non-intrusive solutions enabling and facilitating government-industry


We can work with a build–operate–transfer (BOT) model with a concession agreement (finance, design, develop, deploy, and operate).

Our Technology

Our Technology

Dentsu Tracking bring differentiated technology to help governments enforce supply chain regulation and compliance. This includes Product Authentication, Production & Volume Control, Digital Markings / Tax Stamps, and more….


We offer fully-managed, end-to-end solutions with multi-product tracking experience

Pharma & Medicine

Tobacco, Vaping & Cannabis

Agriculture &
Food, Fair Trade

Alcohol & Beverages


Smart Network

We work with a range of governments and authorities, law-enforcement agencies, international organisations, NGOs, and technology providers to find the best technology solutions for supply-chain regulation and control.

Smart Network

Featured Client Story


Fighting illicit trade

The world’s largest tracking system, commissioned by the European Commission. With our solution we help the 28 EU Member States to fight against illicit trade with end-to-end traceability across the supply-chain for tobacco (EU Tobacco Product Directive).

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