Supply Chain Regulation Products

Supply-chain track & trace solutions are needed to fight illicit trade and ensure citizen and market protection.

Protect Public Health

Protect Public Health

Contribute to the reduced circulation of illegal and non-compliant products.

Protect State Budget & Legal Operations

Protect State Budget & Legal Operations

Monitor the supply-chain to ensure the protection of the state budget and of the network of legal economic operators.
Reduce Illicit Trade

Reduce Illicit Trade

Contribute to the reduced circulation of illegal and non-compliant products.



Full solution expertise including serialization, aggregation, control, monitoring, and support.


Proven world-level expertise, operating on the world’s largest supply-chain integrity systems.

360 Transparency

Full 360 visibility and transparency ensuring trusted networks and optimal supply chain security.

Cost Effective

Sophisticated solutions designed for modular and inter-operable systems for optimal cost saving.

Product Solutions

Dentsu Tracking provides a full range of solutions to combat illicit trade, from tracking services to big data analysis.


Track-and-trace, with full traceability from manufacturing to the point-of-sale

Product Authentication

Physical and / or digital marking to securely authenticate product

Product & Volume Control

Non-intrusive and secure production volume control solution

Dentsu Inspection

Mobile application for in-the-field inspection

Dashboard, Data Analysis & Fraud Detection

Big data to detect fraud and anomalies, and create visibility and intelligence

Unique Code

Unique secured and non-sequential codes generator

Tax Stamp / Digital Marking Management

Product identification and authentication through tax stamp or digital marking


Production line aggregation system integration to facilitate product distribution

Embedded Technology Options

Get access to superior technology options: Printers, Visual systems, Scanner, NFC, RFID, LORA…

Our Approach

  1. Design
  2. Develop
  3. Deploy
  4. Operate
  • Financing, if required
Our Approach

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European Union & Member States

Dentsu Tracking is working with the European Union and 28 Member States to help counter illicit trade in tobacco with the European-wide regulation (EU TPD). This required an innovative platform and data analysis system capable of tracking more than 26 billion products per year.

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