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Our technology bricks cover IT business solutions and a one-stop-shop for all hardware equipment. We will work with you for a fully-managed end-to-end system.

Solutions for supply chain regulation & digitisation

Unlike other providers that focus on only one section of the supply-chain, Dentsu Tracking can deliver end-to-end solutions (including hardware, IT infrastructure, hosting, software, and value-added services).



Looking for and end-to-end partner to help you transform your supply chain? Dentsu Tracking-as-a-Service offers a proven technical platform capable of capturing all types of product movements, and designed for full inter-operability. This platform allows us to capture data from the manufacturing facilities to the distribution chain via manual or automatic scanning.
Dentsu Tracking-as-a-Service™

Plug & Play Data Models
and Business Process

Cloud, SaaS



Digital Marking

Dashboard & Data Analysis

Embedded Technology Options

Embedded Technology Options

Dentsu works with a network of smart strategic partners to provide all-in-one service / one-stop-shop for any technology needed to deliver our solutions. This includes vision systems, industrial printers, scanners, and any range of trace technologies. These are provided & serviced directly within our solution offer.




Industrial Printers

Visual Systems


Smart Network

Our technological independence ensures our speed and scalability advantage. We combine our own technology building blocks with strategic partner solutions to cover end-to-end scope with the best, cutting edge technologies.

Smart Network

Using Serverless to Power an EU Government Supply-Chain Control System

Dentsu Tracking, a brand of Dentsu Aegis Network, is collaborating with the European Commission and 28 Member States of the European Union with the design and operation of a track…

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