Supply Chain Digitisation

We offer full-managed, end-to-end solutions across all areas of the supply chain from manufacturing to retail / point of sale.

Supply Chain Integrity

Supply Chain Efficiency

Supply Chain Added Value

Supply Chain Integrity, Efficiency, and Added Value

Fully-managed end-to-end services across all areas of the supply chain.

End-to end

Full solution expertise including serialization, aggregation, control, monitoring, and support.

Big data experts

Our expertise in big data enables better analytics and fully-prepared data.

Superior solutions

Thanks to our factory-level technology expertise across tobacco, beverages, luxury, FMCG.

100% Fully managed

We make it easy with a one-off fee, full service contract, and performance guarantees.

Technology to transform your supply chain

Tobacco, Vaping & Cannabis


Alcohol & Beverages


Smart Network

We collaborate with a network of world-class partners for access to the best cutting-edge technology.

Our Approach

1. Assesment

Initial phase allows the team to define the detailed integration work that will need to be performed in coordination with third party systems involved in the global solution’s architecture.

2. Proof of Concept & Pilot

Demonstrate the feasibility of the solution with a defined scope (usually as a simplified pilot).

3. Design & Development

Advanced design and development of the system by Dentsu’s technical experts with the complete list of components, modules, interfaces and data to satisfy the specified requirements.

4. Deployment

Deployment of the solution, interfacing to third parties and validating the end-to-end based on Dentsu’s expertise.

5. Operations / Support

Control service and performance against agreed metrics set up via Dentsu’s service and support center.

Client Stories

Discover the ways Dentsu Tracking has changed supply chain across industries.

Dentsu Smart Manufacturing

Dentsu Smart Manufacturing

Dentsu provided a fully managed solution for real time production monitoring and verification system across over 550 lines in Europe. This covers the European tobacco industry for new regulation (EU TPD).

Dentsu Tracking-as-a-Service

Dentsu Tracking-as-a-Service

End-to-end services for tracking including infrastructure, operations, and dashboards. For the tobacco industry we have implemented the world’ largest traceability system (European Tobacco Regulation).

Dentsu Retail Insights

Dentsu Retail Insights

A solution that helps brand owners get insights and visibility of retail activity, including sell-in, sell-out, and stock. Brand owners get insights on supply and demand forecast, product success and consumer and R&D insights for future pipeline.

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Supply Chain Integrity

Supply Chain Efficiency

Supply Chain Added Value