Tracking & Tracing Solution

Government Supply Chain Control (GSCC)

Government Supply Chain Control (GSCC) is a digital, data-driven solution for tracking and tracing every product movement across the supply chain. The system provides visibility and control over the entire supply chain landscape with real-time, automated processes, providing governments with the data intelligence needed to fight illicit trade. The system is comprised of the following components.

Tracking & Tracing Solution

  • GSCC™ Monitoring Centre
  • GSCC™ Unique Identifier Code Management
  • GSCC™ Product Line Monitoring
  • GSCC™ Economic Operators / Facilities / Machines / Identification Management
  • GSCC™ Government Central Repository & Validation and Compliance Check
  • GSCC™ Data Analytics & Intelligence
  • GSCC™ Inspections Management

Complimentary Modules

  • Tax Stamp Management
  • Product Authentication

Fighting Illicit Trade

Government Blueprint: Tobacco

Illicit trade is a global challenge that knows no borders and cannot be addressed in isolation. Tobacco is one of the largest markets for illicit goods. This report is available for governments and authorities looking to deploy an effective tracking and tracing regime.