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World-class experts in tracking and tracing

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We are a world-leading expert in the digital transformation of supply chains.
As part of the dentsu International network, we bring a wealth of experience in building projects that digitize supply chains, creating maximum supply chain transparency and control for governments, and visibility across the product journey for brands. Our approach is digital and data-driven, moving beyond data collection to data intelligence. 

With worldwide operations, we draw from unmatched technical and regulatory expertise working with different governments and international organizations on implementing customized tracking and tracing solutions to fight illicit trade. We currently operate the world’s largest tracking and tracing system covering the entire tobacco supply chain of the European Union region. 


Economic Operators, Facilities 
and Retail outlets
reporting data & events

30 billion

tracked annually


lines controlled


Enforcement officers
performing real-time operations

Dentsu Tracking is now operating the world’s first solution giving 360 visibility of the supply-chain across an entire industry (for tobacco). No other platform is connecting this volume and complexity of data.

Philippe Castella
Managing Director of dentsu Tracking

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We exist to unlock the potential of digitized supply chains. We help governments and brands gain full transparency and control over the entire supply-chain and product journey, unlocking the benefits of real-time data intelligence & insights.

Our Strategy 

Our approach is digital and data-driven, moving beyond data collection to data intelligence across the entire supply-chain and product journey. 

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Philippe Castella

Managing Director

Headquarters: Geneva Switzerland

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Our technological independence ensures our speed and scalability advantage. We combine our own technology building blocks with strategic partner solutions to cover end-to-end scope with the best, cutting edge technologies.

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