Information Security Policy

Dentsu Tracking, a brand of Dentsu International.

Management at Dentsu Tracking is aware of the critical value of information, and is therefore strongly committed to Information Security, leading and supporting initiatives such as:

  1. GUIDING our activities and processes to the understanding of the customer needs, to procure their full satisfaction, maintaining always the transparency and integrity principles.
  2. IMPLEMENTING an improvement system for all activities, services, and processes,  in a continuous search for improvement opportunities.
  3. ESTABLISHING mid and long-term priorities and objectives that allows the organization to advance.
  4. INVOLVING all Dentsu Tracking employees in the Information Security strategy, encouraging their participation in its elaboration and application.
  5. PROMOTING teamwork and staff training to reinforce collaboration, as part of our culture.
  6. BOOSTING people development, and being aware of its influence on their commitment.
  7. COMPROMISED into complying with legal or regulatory requirements, to prevent and protect  from liability in general and reputational risks.
  8. COMMUNICATING this Information Security policy to the interested parties in order to achieve the objectives.
  9. ANALYZING and MEASURING the Information Security of all the operative and support processes through proper indicators.
  10. ENSURING the confidentiality and integrity of the information managed, as well as its availability for the business processes that requires it, including the ability to respond to emergencies by establishing business continuity plans according to the context of Dentsu Tracking.

Phillipe Castella
Managing Director
February, 2020