Supply Chain Integrity

Technologies and solutions to ensure a trusted network, from grey-market intelligence to distribution traceability. We ensure the right tools for trust and security.

Fight illicit and grey market trade

Fight against diversion of products and transnational trade via full supply chain transparency and visibility.

Protect your brand

Protect your brand image and your customers with authentication solutions to avoid harmful diversion and counterfeiting activity.

Protect your business

Protect your business earnings and ensure compliance with industry regulations for a sustainable future.



Protect your business earnings and ensure compliance with industry regulations for a sustainable future.


Proven world-level expertise, operating on the world’s largest supply-chain integrity systems.

360 Transparency

Full 360 visibility and transparency ensuring trusted networks and optimal supply chain security.

Cost Effective

Sophisticated solutions designed for modular and inter-operable systems for optimal cost saving.

Product Solutions


Track-and-trace, with full traceability from manufacturing to the point-of-sale

Inspection Management™

Mobile application for in-the-field inspection

Grey Market Intelligence™

Supporting brands in their business challenges to counter grey market activities

Recall Management™

Solutions for fast and cost-effective product recall management


Physical and / or digital marking to securely authenticate product

Dashboard, Data Analysis & Fraud Detection

Big data to detect fraud and anomalies, and create visibility and intelligence

Embedded Technology Options

Get access to superior technology options: Printers, Visual systems, Scanner, NFC, RFID, LORA…

Featured Client Story


Dentsu Inspections Management

An app for the live tracking and inspection of products circulating within the EU. It is designed to enable in-the-field inspections to verify product conformity, whether at the pack or aggregated level. This allows a complete service for auditing and inspecting economic operators anywhere, anytime.

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