Supply Chain Efficiency

We believe that every second can make a difference.
Our solutions ensure operational efficiency, quality assurance, and the fastest delivery for all your lines and factories

Manufacturing Efficiency

Monitor your manufacturing efficiency anytime, anywhere. Implement non-intrusive solutions, and enable smart insights on production volume and efficiency with real-time and remote monitoring.

Quality Assurance

Implement smart, non-intrusive solutions to perform quality controls on the line.

Distribution Efficiency

Lack of visibility across the supply-chain results in cost ineffectiveness. Our technologies enable 360 visibility on stock and its distribution.


Non-intrusive installation

Easy to deploy with limited disruptions, no machine cutting or changing.

Cost effective

Cost effective modular technologies, that can be deployed on fully equipped or unequipped lines for the best cost solutions.

Industrial Grade Solutions

Expert teams with experience on high-speed lines and with advanced knowledge for regulatory compliance.

Plug & Play

We offer plug and play solutions for different types of production lines, including packaging, tins, bottles.

Product Solutions


Track-and-trace, with full traceability from manufacturing to the point-of-sale

Dentsu Smart Manufacturing™

Non-intrusive solutions for factory operational effectiveness (including hardware, software, and data analytics)

Dashboard & Data Analysis

Expertise in data modeling and data analytics to transform data into intelligence

Embedded Technology options

Get access to superior technology options: Printers, Visual systems, Scanner, NFC, RFID, LORA…

Featured Client Story


Dentsu Smart Manufacturing

Dentsu provided a fully managed solution for real time production monitoring and verification system across over 550 lines in Europe. This covers the European tobacco industry for new regulation (EU TPD).

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