Supply Chain Added Value

Transform your supply chain today for added value. From retail insights to consumer engagement to eCommerce, the opportunities are endless.

Create new revenue

Retail and production insights can be a source of added value for the current and future pipeline.

Faster, Better Decisions

Real time data, business intelligence and the right data analytics ensure better business strategy and decisions.

Engage the consumer

Connect brand owners directly with the end-consumer through digitized products. Create modernized experiences, ensure product transparency, and protect your brand reputation.

Improved campaigns

Get the most out of your investment and better tracking for campaigns, by tracking your products and marketing materials, and through other intelligence insights.


Digital Leader

Part of an award winning digital marketing company, we bridge from supply-chain technology to end-consumer added value.

Full 360 Visibility

Better marketing and demand responses and faster distribution via 360 visibility of the product through the supply chain.

Real Time Market Intelligence

Big data analytics and the correct data preparation with customized interfaces and reporting.

Product Solutions


Track-and-trace, with full traceability from manufacturing to the point-of-sale

Retail Insights™

Customizable mobile application for POS stock management and sell-out monitoring

Smart Displays™

Point-of-sales / display material asset management and tracking deployment

Big Data

Big data management through superior systems data prep, and AI

User Engagement & Connected Devices

End-user interaction through digitised product and connected devices

Blockchain, AI Machine Learning

Supply chain intelligence, collaboration and connectivity options

We are digital marketing leaders

We are part of Dentsu Aegis Network, the first global marketing services group for the digital age. Our Dentsu Tracking solutions are seamlessly integrated with other Dentsu brands. Innovation speed and networked thinking characterize our cooperation.Together we bridge from supply-chain transformation to consumer-centric digital marketing. Everything is possible.

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Dentsu Retail Insights

A solution that helps brand owners get insights and visibility of retail activity, including sell-in, sell-out, and stock.
Brand owners get insights on supply and demand forecast, product success and consumer and R&D insights for future pipeline.

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